Notes from the Oct. 20th board meeting

We met the new Butte County library director, Linda Mielke.  She comes with a lot of experience and should be able to jump in right away.

The Chico Branch Librarian, Susan Rauen, reports that the Love Chico group came like a swarm (over 50 people!) and cleaned the library in and out.  It shines.

Rob Atkinson's Book Sale report included the reminder that there will be no book sale on any Saturday upon which the library is closed - something to keep in mind as the holiday season approaches.

Betty Forbes gave her volunteer report for the third quarter.  Third quarter hours: 8,802; Number of volunteers: 175.  Those hours are equivalent to almost three full time employees working during the third quarter.  CFOL donated $725 to the library to recognize the volunteers' contributions.

The "Yes On Library Funding" committee has changed its name to "Love Your Library" committee.  The committee gave a report which outlined the actions we all (the committee, the Friends groups, the Library Advisory Board, and the library) need to take in order to secure stable funding for Butte County's libraries.

The Fall Craft Faire is the next CFOL fundraising event, November 21st.  In conjunction with the Craft Faire, a beautiful quilt (see below) was donated by Annie's Star Quilt Guild and is the raffle prize in a Childrens' Programs fundraiser.  Tickets on sale in the library.

We have a new Donate button on our web site, at the top left side of each page.  Now you can donate, renew memberships, etc., from the convenience of your home.  We use PayPal, which is a secure payment  service accepting major credit cards or bank withdrawals.  You don't have to be a member of PayPal to use this button.

Don't forget the Literacy Services Trivia Bee is coming up November 6th.  CFOL is sponsoring a Teen Team an Adult Team.  Supportive Spectators will be welcome!

Fall Festival was a success

The Fall Festival is all about literacy, and fun (photos here).   Butte County Library Literacy coach was a hit.  Papa Murphy's sold over 240 slices of pizza.  The Alice Peake Experience played in the redwoods and drew passersby from the street.  There was a juggler who had lots of juggling help. 

Local authors Debbie Cobb, Christy Dell, Marcia Wilhite, Bonnie Worthington, Mike Graf, Neal Wiegman were on hand to sign their books.  Illustrator Steve Ferchaud drew countless caricatures again this year. 

The National Charity League brought beautiful cakes, cupcakes, etc., which were all gone by 1pm.  Girl Scout Troups 70263, 70065, and 70562 were on hand to help with donut fishing, face painting, etc.  Pleasant Valley H.S. Key Club and Library Teen Volunteers competently ran fishing, scavenger hunt and bean bag toss.  And, as always CFOL volunteers were on hand to help make it all run smoothly. 

CFOL Board Meeting, 8/18/09

CFOL Board Meeting, 7/21/09

Library Hours are changing again

Because of reduced funding from the City of Chico, there will be changes in staff and library hours are shorter:

  1. Two staff members are being transferred from Chico to Paradise.  One Chico staff member is being laid off.  And one staff member is being transferred from Oroville to Chico.
  2. New Library Hours, beginning Monday July 6, 2009
    Sunday & Monday Closed
    Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9am - 8pm
    Friday & Saturday 9am - 4:30pm

    The library is now open 48 hours per week.

Notes from the CFOL Annual Meeting: June 8, 2009

The CFOL Annual Meeting was held at the Chico Library's meeting room on June 8, 2009.  See the photo gallery for pictures.

Our president, Ann Elliott, gave a summary of the year's activity. 

We spent over $30K on

CFOL activities include

Countywide activities include

A new CFOL board was elected.  Vice President: Marian Milling; Treasurer: Susan Davis;  Members-at-Large: Rob Atkinson, Debbie Cobb-Ceriani, Gerald Davis, Linda Leahy, Anne Nordhus, Fe Howard, Betty Forbes, Mary Wahl, Joan Olmstead, Al Luedeke, Margaret Bomberg, Fred Marken, and Rupert McDowell.

Roger H. Aylworth, a longtime journalist in Butte County (Chico ER) was our speaker.  He entertained us with some thoughts on humor, referencing articles from his book, "A Place in the Shower Schedule."

Summer Chico Carrel, June, 2009

Subscribers received the Summer Carrel during the 2nd week of June.  Contents are:

  1. City Support
  2. County Budget Meeting
  3. CFOL and the Library
  4. Annual Meeting
  5. Roger Aylworth
  6. Flyer
  7. Roger Pearson
  8. Website
  9. Fall Festival

Fall Festival.  Trivia Bee.  Craft Faire.  Find the details of coming events on the Calendar of Events.

Oct. 18th is a big day in the library

Even though the library is closed on Sunday, two big things are happening that day:

  1. A church group is coming to clean house.  CFOL is supplying the cleaning supplies and Chico Branch Librarian Susan Rauen is supplying the direction.  Be gone dust! 
  2. The Butte County Library's computer software is being updated, so the catalog will be unavailable for a day (or two?).  You might notice some improvements in the catalog, and you will definitely notice the circulation staff adjusting to the new look and feel of the check out process.  Be patient while the kinks are worked out.

New Butte County Library Director

A permanent library director was announced:  Linda Mielke comes to Butte County with lots of experience.

Mozart Mile

If you ran/walked the Mozart Mile in Bidwell Park (October 4th), you might have seen some Chico Friends of the Library signs, and people reading aloud to the Mozart Mile participants.  It's all part of the CFOL effort to keep people aware of the library and its supporters.

Autumn Chico Carrel, September, 2009

Subscribers received the Autumn Carrel during the 3rd week of September.  Contents are:

  1. Fall Festival
  2. Stable Funding
  3. Soroptimists Step Up
  4. CFOL Contributes
  5. Crafts Faire
  6. Library Card Sign up Month
  7. Trivia Bee
  8. Mozart Mile
  9. Carrel Online

Notes from the 5/19/09 CFOL Board Meeting

  1. The librarian, Susan Rauen, told us that library business is up.  The number of people using the library every day is over 1,200!  The number of items checked out each month to library patrons is over 50,000!
  2. There is a new interim Library Director in Butte County.  He is Roger Pearson and he comes highly recommended.
  3. The City of Chico's budget is on the agenda for June 16th, so please write or email City Council members to thank them for their support.  Ask them to continue funding 25 hours per week of open library time.  Without their support the library will have to lay off more people and reduce open hours.

Good News!

  1. A new proposal recommends no additional cuts to the Library beyond those that have already occurred!  Butte County Administration issued a press release on May 13th.
  2. And... the Chico Branch Library now has wifi!  The Chico Friends of the Library donated money toward buying the network equipment.

News from the Capitol

A letter from our California Library Association's Lobbyist has been stored on the CFOL web site. Take a moment to read the letter and then...

write the Governor and the four legislative leaders, as well as your own Senator and Assemblymember(s) to encourage their opposition to any proposal that would borrow property taxes from cities, counties, and special districts.  The names and addresses are in the letter.

Special Edition of the Chico Carrel

Due to the serious budget cuts coming in July, the CFOL sent a special edition of the Chico Carrel to members and local government officials.

Hours Reduced.

The hours at the Chico Branch Library are:

Day Hours Nbr Hours
Monday 9-6 2
Tuesday 9-7 1
Wednesday 9-7 1
Thursday 9-7 1
Friday 9-5 1
Saturday 9-5 1
Sunday closed 5

12 Hrs/wk

Library Budget Cut

See the Butte County Library's web pages for details of reduced services at each branch.

Library Fees Rise

Details of fee hikes are outlined on the Butte County Library's web pages.

CFOL will help

At the March CFOL board meeting the board voted  to fund 5 open hours at the library.  The funding will be reviewed every 6 months, and be dependent upon continued City funding.  The money being used was in a building fund, which was to be used to expand the library at some point in the future.  Board representatives are scheduled to speak with the Library Director to determine how to proceed.

CFOL Annual Meeting

The Chico Friends of the Library Annual meeting is usually held in the Spring.  A speaker will be there to amuse and educate us.  New board members are elected at this meeting.  If you have an interest in helping promote the Chico Library please let our CFOL Board Member nominating committee chairperson know.   John Few, our chairperson, can be reached by email.  This year the annual meeting will be held in the Chico Branch Library meeting room on May 22nd.

Chico Carrel, Spring 2009

Here's a sneak peek at table of contents of the Spring, 2009, Chico Carrel.  To subscribe, join the Chico Friends of the Library.